look straight ahead天天摸夜夜添添到高潮水汪汪
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look straight ahead天天摸夜夜添添到高潮水汪汪

Weight loss MotivationI am a cabinet maker by trade, but when the housing market slowed down a few years back, I had to take another career path to make ends meet. I became a teacher at the local vocational school. I worked there for 5 years teaching general building and welding classes. It was a decent gig, but my heart is in creating peoples dreams in the form of the perfect kitchen, bathroom, or study. I got my break away from the teaching gig last year when I scored a contract with a big homebuilding contractor. My shop resides along the main highway through town, but directly behind it is the backside of a residential neighborhood. One day I was sanding some cabinets in the back of the shop with the big roll up door open when I felt someone watching me. I stopped and looked around to find a teenage girl standing sheepishly in the doorway. She was attractive, but a little on the plump side. I asked “May I help you?” as my palm sander buzzed to a stop“Maybe…Mr. Robert.” she said sheepishly.“I have a strange feeling this has nothing to do with cabinets, what do you need child? As you can see I have a lot of work to get done.” I said while dusting the sawdust from my pants and shirt.“I have a problem and need your help.” was her reply.“Go on…” I stated.“Well, ummm, you see, my name is Shannon… and Prom is two months away and I need to lose some weight so I can look really good in my dress, but I need help staying motivated” was her answer.“You look fine to me, but even if you didn’t, what the hell does that have to do with me?” I replied in an irritated manner.“Well, it’s complicated, but the short answer is my brother was in your shop class last year, and he told me about the time you paddled him. He said it was the hardest paddling he ever got and you told him that when you were done with him, he would have the motivation not to ever act up in your class again”Little did I know at the time but I had gotten the reputation in my school as a firm disciplinarian. See, paddling was still an option in the school district I worked for, and on many occasions I utilized that right to correct the wayward students that wanted to act up in class. I replied astonished “You want me to paddle you? You can’t be serious? Hell, they will put me in jail for child abuse or assault or something!”She said, “I am a senior and I’m 18 today. I will sign something saying I asked you to do it, please I really need motivation to lose this weight.”“You’re crazy!” I said. “No one in their right mind would come up to a perfect stranger and ask them to give them a spanking!”“Please, Please, Please! I need this. I know you are professional and have done this to straighten kids out in your class. The only difference is I’m not one of your students.”“You’re serious about this?” I say in and un-believing tone.“A 100% serious,” she said with a bubbly smile.“I don’t know…Let me think about it. Come back tomorrow and I will let you know my decision.”“Okay, I will” she stated and skipped off toward the residential neighborhood.“Wow! What the fuck?” I thought to myself. Truth be told, I did kinda enjoy giving a good paddling to deserving students. And, truth again, it did produce the desired effects on them, at least for a little while. I went back to a cabinet and pulled 3 paddles from it. They were left over from my teaching days. They felt good in my hand as took a couple practice swings. All three were about a half inch thick and about 3 inches wide. I wiped the dust off them to show the highly varnished shine that I applied myself.The next day came and she came bounding back into view. She came up carrying a notebook and was smiling. She was wearing way too short cut-off jean shorts and a tee shirt. “Have you made your decision, Mr. Robert? I brought a note I wrote that states that I am asking you to do this…all signed and sealed and delivered!”“You’re not gonna let this go are you?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.“Nope!” she said with a puppy dog look.“First, that would be “no sir!” I stated, “Let me see your little consent letter.”“No sir…I mean. Yes Sir” she said while digging through the notebook.After reading the letter, I was somewhat convinced that it would keep me outta jail if the need arose. However, it didn’t really specify how often she would be spanked, how many licks, what her goals were, etc. “Okay, okay. This is a good start, but we will have to come to some agreement of when you need motivating and how much you need. Do you agree?”“Yes Sir” she said happily jumping around.“Have you even had a paddling before child? I have never seen anyone so happy to get one and never had anyone to actually ask for one.”“My mom used to spank us with the belt or the hair brush on the bare behind when we were younger!” she admitted, “but that stopped several years ago, and I’ve never had the paddle.”“Okay, here is what I am going to do if you agree. I am going to give you 5 swats today. You can then decide if you want to continue pursuing this option. If you don’t, I don’t blame you, but if you do decide to continue after this, we will decide together how best to keep you motivated.“Yay!” she said, “thank you…I know this will work. It has to work!’“Are you ready to get this over with?” I ask.“Yes Sir.”“Come with me to my office then.”“Yes Sir”My office wasn’t much. It was a 12 x 12 room in the front of my shop where I paid bills, drew up cabinet plans, etc. There was a large oak desk in the center of the room, one of the first pieces of furniture I ever built. “Shannon, I am going to give you the same paddling I used to give my students; 5 hard swats. You will bend over my desk and grab the other side and hold on. You will count the swats after each one.Do you consent to this punishment?’“Yes Sir,” she said softly. I could tell the fear was closing in on her as her spanking approached.“Okay then, assume the position.” I firmly state.She shuffles around a little then moves to the side of the desk. She slowly bends over and grabs the opposite side of the desk with both hands.Her knuckles have gone white. Her breathing has increased. Her legs fidget.I stand back and take in the scene. She may think she needs to lose weight, but actually she looks pretty good. She has a little extra around the waist, pudgy but not fat. Her tan legs are a little thick, but they are smooth and pretty. Her ass is kinda wide, but it has a nice heart shape to it. Her blue jean shorts were a poor decision today, however, because now that she is bent over the desk, they are riding up enough to expose about half of her bare ass cheeks. I go over to the desk and open the top drawer and remove one of the paddles I dusted off the day before. She is watching me with a look of concern in her face. I like to draw this part out. The part before the actual spanking begins. The anticipation, the fear, the adrenalin rush that comes from knowing your body will be in pain soon.“Why are you getting this spanking?” I ask.“Because I don’t have enough self-motivation to exercise and eat right.” “Do you think this will help you with that?”“Yes Sir”I take a couple practice swings, and then ease into position to apply the punishment.I order her to stop fidgeting, look straight ahead, and push her butt up and back to give me a good target. She complies with all of my commands.“Are you ready?”“Yes….Sir” uncertainty in her voice.I draw back and fire the first lick home. The top half on the paddle strikes her above the blue jean line, the lower straight across the bare exposed skin directly under her shorts. The paddle sounds like a rifle going off in the small room. Instantly, she jumps up and starts bounding around the room holding and rubbing her ass. “Ooohhhh! Ooohhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Son of a bitch that hurts!” She bellows.“Young lady! This was your decision! Get back into position now if you want to continue!” I sternly command.“Ohhhh, Ok! Ok! Ooohhhh!Fuck that hurts!” she says slowly bending back over the desk. When she gets back into position, I see a tear coming out of her eye. “Let me remind you this was your decision. If you choose, you can leave now and never come back. However if you stay, I will not tolerate that language while you are getting punished. You are supposed to count them off as I give them to you, not tell me all the curse words you know. I will not count the first lick because you are not following the rules and you get two extra. Do you understand and want to continue, young lady?”Oh, God! Oh, God! ……Yes sir. Please continue.” She whimpered.“Alright then, butt out.” I said as I tap her on the behind a couple times to coax her into position.I ready myself and give her another firm, sound swat to her behind. CRACK! Goes the paddle as it impacts just a little higher than the previous blow. First, there is not much reaction from her, and then while still bent over the desk, her but starts dancing around trying to cool the fire. “Oh my God! Two!” she whimpers.“That would be one young lady! Remember,色综合久久88色综合天天 we didn’t count the first one.”“Yeah Yeah, One, Sorry!”“One Sir” would be the correct way to answer, young lady.”“Sorry, One Sir.”“Not sure I am getting through to you,” I state. “I will have to see what I can do to correct that.”Under her breath, I hear, “shit, shit, shit”I swing harder this time, aiming for the all bare flesh right on the bottom of her ass, just under the too short shorts. The thunder of the paddle hitting bare flesh makes the perfect pop as it impacts. She immediately jumps straight up and rubs her ass again, yelling “Two Sir…Two Sir…Two Sir!” as big tears start falling from her eyes. She turns two or three circles rubbing her ass before bending back over the desk.I take time to roll my sleeves up, giving the fire on her ass time to burn its course before lighting it up again. When I believe enough time has passed, I give her another good stroke. This time, even though she raises up from the strike, she keeps her hands firmly gripping the desk. “Three……..Sir.” she sniffles.I can see the redness across the lower part of her butt as she gets readied again. I am definitely making a mark. But this was her idea, her wish. Her butt is dancing around so much I can’t get a good aim. I tap her on the bare leg with the paddle and order her to lift up on her tippy toes. “Much better” I conclude.With her on her tip toes, I blast her with a hard strike across the middle of her ass. This time she shrieks out and starts the full on crying. Her grip firmly on the desk, but her ass looks like she is trying to “twerk” as she jiggles it around to cool the fire.Through the sobs, she meeks out, “Four Sir.”“Ok, young lady, you have three more. Do you want the slow burn technique like you had on the first ones or do you want a rapid fire?”“Get it over with, please! Rapid fire.”“Ok then, but it will be hard and fast.”“Yes Sir” was all she said through the blubbering cries.I positioned myself a little closer to her, reached down with my big left arm and grabbed her by her waist band. I pulled her up and more toward the desk, giving her a “wedgie” and preventing her from jumping up. This also caused more of her ass to be exposed as the material of her shorts were drawn even higher.I swung hard and fast. POP!…POP!…POP! Screams and shrieks coming out her with each contact of the paddle. I let loose of her shorts after the last swat. As soon as I did, she jumped up crying and rubbing her ass and shouting:“Oh! Mother Fucker, Oh, Mother fucker, son of a bitching mother fucker! OOOHHHH!” came out as she danced around the room. I stood there with my arms crossed watching and listening to the display shaking my head. “Fuck, that stings! It stings! Oohhh!”I gave her a minute to calm, and then ordered her to sit in the chair. Sitting after a paddling is something that just prolongs the burn. She complied, but could not sit still as the fire continued to burn her ass. “Young lady! I told you I would not tolerate your foul mouth. I highly doubt you do, but if you want me to continue to motivate you after today, I am going to give you three more for cursing! And these will be on your bare bottom! You can take it or leave it! It’s our choice.”A total look of desperation hit her. I’m sure she was thinking “I can’t take anymore!” and the truth is 5 swats was more than enough to bring most kids back to order back at the school. And, they were not bare bottom! I really figured she would say she was done: No more. But to my surprise she stood up and started unbuttoning her shorts.She dropped her shorts, then pulled her panties off: thongs, they were not doing much to protect her anyway. She really hadn’t thought this out very well before she showed up. Once the bottom half was naked she picked up her clothes, put them in the chair and bent back over the desk without saying a word. I stood back up and moved around behind her. Her 18 year old ass looked really good. It was wide but had a great shape. There was a noticeable tan line, probably from a bikini bottom. Her ass was very pale compared to her tan, except for the area where the paddle had struck previously which was crimson red.“Are you sure?” was all I asked.“Yes Sir”“Okay, then. This part of the paddling has nothing to do with your so called weight problem. This is for your potty mouth. Do you understand?”“Yes Sir”“Good. I want you to count the strokes as I give them and say “I will not say bad words.” Do you understand?”“Yes Sir.”I got directly behind her and pulled her up on her toes. I was thinking to myself “wow I am enjoying this too much!” and “paddling that ass is making me extremely horny.” I was careful not to grind up against her because I am sure she would notice the bulge in my pants. Once in position, I let go with strike number 1. The paddle striking the bare flesh made a louder pop than any of the previous blows. Cries and sobs immediately came from her as she reached back to rub her ass. It looked like she was doing the pee pee dance as she bucked her butt up and down and her right leg started twitching.Sniff, sniff, sob, “One, Mr. Robert, One.” “And?”“I will……….not…..say…..bad……..words, Mr. Robert.”“Good. Position.”Once more she complied by getting back into almost the exact position I put her in before. Whack! I released number two before she had time to really brace for it.Her knees buckled as the paddle made full impact against the sit spot of her ass. If she hadn’t been holding on to the desk, she would have probably fallen completely to the floor. “TWO! TWO! THAT WAS TWO! I will not say bad words! I will not say bad words!”She was full on crying now. Big crocodile tears were streaming down her face, snot coming from her nose and slobber trickling down her chin. “Last one, child” I tell her.As she gets back to position, I walk over and rub her ass a little to check the damages. The skin was not broken but it was cherry red and was going to be nicely bruised for the next few days. SMACK! The paddle hits its mark. This was probably the hardest one yet. I lay the paddle on the desk as she jumps ups and dances around the room fanning and rubbing her butt. As she dances I can see her little trimmed muff of pubic hair. It is dark and well-trimmed:Just a straight little thin patch leading up from her snatch. Whoever is tapping that is a lucky boy. Wonder how she will explain the paddle marks across her ass?I hand her a tissue from the desk and tell her to sit. I can tell her ass is still burning her alive as she sits and cleans her face with the tissue. As she began to regain her composure I ask, “Well, how was it?” “Oh, my God! That was the worst spanking I have ever gotten! It hurt like hell!... Sorry, heck! I think this is exactly what I need to help me stay motivated to lose weight.”“I still don’t get how you think this will help you?” I say flatly.“If I don’t lose at least 5 pounds a week, I’m coming over here for another spanking” she said. “and I really don’t want to go through that again.”“Okay, how will I know if your cheating or just avoiding the punishment?”“Do you have a scale? I will weigh today and we will write it down. I will then come by every week and weigh again until prom. If I haven’t lost 5 pounds that week, I get another spanking.”“Yeah I have a scale, and that sounds like a plan. I’ll go get the scale.”With that I go fetch the shop scale and return. To my surprise, she strips completely naked (well the bottom half was still naked) but I wasn’t expecting that show. She was beautiful. Yeah, she had a few extra pounds, but I really don’t like real skinny women anyway. Her body was slightly pear shaped. Her hips and thighs were bigger than the rest of her. She had a waist, but had a little bit of “Love handles” and small pouch in front. Her boobs were on the smaller side, with nipples that stood straight out. They looked hard as the nails in my shop. I would do bad things to this girl, but that’s not what she came for. She climbed up on the scale, still rubbing her bottom. 165 read the scale.“See, I’m fat!”“Whatever, you are a very attractive girl.” I reply.“Thanks, but if that scale don’t say 160 or less next week….my butt will look and feel like this again!”“Your decision….I’ll be here.”She got dressed. Her butt so sore she could hardly pull her shorts up over her cheeks. “See you in a week!” She said as she walked out.


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