how I fucked her天天躁日日躁狠狠躁日日躁黑人
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how I fucked her天天躁日日躁狠狠躁日日躁黑人

I heard the moaning the minute I opened the door and, I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure Helen was upstairs having sex with someone that wasn’t me. You know how your brain immediately jumps to the worst case scenario, even though somewhere inside you know that what you’re thinking is almost statistically impossible. But your brain doesn’t care. It always thinks the worst thing first. And that’s what I thought when I opened the door. I thought she was having an affair. I had no idea who it would be with, no one came to mind, but the way she was moaning, I was sure there was someone up there going to town on her.Now, some people might have become immediately angry. They might have slammed the door and thrown their briefcase across the room before trudging upstairs like they wanted to kill someone. Most people would have lost their shit immediately. But not me. No, I didn’t fly off the handle. Instead, I went the other way. I shut the front door as quietly as I could and crept up the stairs carefully trying to remember every spot that creaked.And then I was in front of the door. I heard the bed creak and then another soft moan. I stepped closer. I heard a slurping sound. I bet she’s giving him a blowjob. And then, like my mind was one of those fast-forward movie montages, my brain showed me a thousand memories of my wife’s blowjobs. God, she was good at giving head. Always had been. Then I had another thought. What if it’s a woman? Then I realized that I hadn’t heard anything that led me to believe there was anyone else in the house. I got a sense that I was wrong. Something didn’t make sense.I took a deep breath and reached for the door handle. Whatever was going on, I was about to find out. I opened the door and found Helen. She was sitting up against the headboard, naked, and holding onto a trunk of flesh so large, she actually had the glans in her mouth. Yes, it had grown large enough that she could suck it and was apparently enjoying the new found sensation. It had been two days since her cock had somehow manifested. We had originally thought that we would go to the hospital about it, but then, we hadn't. Neither one of us had any idea why it had happened. It simply had. At 2:30 in the morning, she woke up with a cock between her legs. She still had a vagina, still squarely nestled away under her engorged clit that had somehow evolved to expel more come than I had ever seen. Naturally, the last few days had been interesting. We had both done in insane amount of research, you know trying our best to figure out what had caused the strange protrusion. And we had talked about it nonstop. But I think the reason that we hadn't told anyone else about what had happened is because we both liked it. We hadn't said it out loud, but I think we both knew it, right from the start. So, standing in the doorway watching my wife suck her own cock, I was both relieved and excited. My brain shifted gears. My worry and fear about an affair were gone. No, as soon as I saw her, the first thought that crossed my mind was...Oh my God, that is so fucking sexy. And then I thought that I should probably tell her how I felt about her new accessory. I mean, I had been very careful when her clit expanded. Every time she had gotten a boner over the past couple of days, I had made sure that I had abstained from everything but scientific curiosity. But in reality, I couldn't stop thinking about her cock. Every time I thought about it, my own dick would thicken. It took her a second to realize that the door was open and I was standing there. I mean, it would have taken me a second too. She turned her head and our eyes met. I saw fear, embarrassment, and something else, something I had never seen in Helen’s eyes before. I don’t really know how to describe it, it was like strength or confidence, maybe it was arrogance, but whatever it was kind of intimidating. “Lucas? I…” she sputtered holding onto her cock with one hand while a copious amount of precum dribbled over her fingers. “...it came back. I was at school.” Her hand continued to slide up and down her length while she spoke. “I don’t know why. I don’t know what happened.” Her voice was a hoarse whisper. And my cock was instantly hard. I looked down at hers. It was impossibly big. I mean, it was half the girth of my forearm and a solid ten or twelve inches. It glistened from the pre that she kept rubbing up and down.There was a traffic jam of words in my head. Every nerve in my body was jangly. I wanted to tell her that ever since it had originally happened, I had been excited. I don't know why I was so instantly attached to the thing. I mean, I had never been excited about another man’s cock before, but when she had one? Oh, my god, it was all I had thought about. I can’t tell you how many times I masturbated during those first few days. Every time I took a shit, I masturbated. To be honest, I was a little disappointed when it disappeared. But now that it was back. My mouth watered.“I couldn’t stop it. It just kept getting bigger.” Helen’s hand kept sliding up and down. “I don’t know what to do? I can’t seem to...it feels too good.” Her breath came faster and I could tell she was getting close to the end. “Hey,” I loosened my tie and slipped it over my head. “It’s fine, listen it’s going to be okay.” I moved toward the bed. I was worried she was going to panic. I tried to unbutton my shirt as fast as I could. This was my chance, I could feel it. I didn't take my eyes off it. It was mesmerizing watching her stroke herself. And I wanted in on it. I wanted to play too. I gave up on the buttons and climbed on the bed. Helen was sitting up against the headboard, her knees spread, her pussy had already left a wet spot on the blanket. I stared at Helen, at the whole scene.. I couldn’t believe how incredibly hot she was. I reached into my pants and straightened my rigidity, I pointed it up to get it out of the way. My fingers came away wet and shiny.“Lucas?” Helen looked at me and then at the protrusion along the front of my khakis. “Are you hard?”It felt like time stopped, like everything suddenly just slowed to nothing. My brain froze. I couldn’t think. I swallowed hard and glanced at her dick again. All I wanted to do was touch it, wrap my fingers around it. The fact that she was on the very edge of an orgasm was driving me mad. “I, um, you know, I mean you’re obviously excited.”“This doesn’t bother you?” She pushed her dick toward me and a drop of clear pre fell onto the bed. I swallowed hard again. I could feel a cool sweat along my forehead. What if she didn't like my answer? There were so many ways this could go wrong. I was suddenly embarrassed and ashamed and terrified of losing her. “Sweetie, I mean, you know, if…” I looked at the throbbing cock she was holding onto and my own ached to be touched, “I love you no matter what.” I said.“Even if I have a cock?” she looked down at the tool in her hands, but I was sure I saw the trace of a grin across her lips. She liked it too. “Sweetheart,” I crawled closer, “I don’t care.” I reached out and wrapped my fingers around hers. “I am yours thick or thin.” Her fingers were warm. She kept her grip and slowly moved her hand up and down.But the increased pressure of my hand, made her shudder slightly. I looked over her body again. My cock had already left a wet mark on my pants. I couldn't believe this was happening. Helen was the most beautiful girl I had ever dated. We met in college, she was studying education and I was studying architecture. I met her at a sorority function, she was a guest of one of the sisters. We has both been standing on the sidelines of the party when the quarterback for the team took a flying leap into the pool with all of his clothes on. Helen had leaned over to me and said: I never saw that coming. And that was it. We had been together ever since. We were best friends. We did everything together. I had never had so much in common with another person or such a cool time hanging out with them. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.“Oh my god,” she pulled her hand away and suddenly I was holding her new, giant cock. The skin was hot. The tissue as hard as my own. "Don't stop!"I cannot explain how amazing it felt to hold my wife’s cock in my hand, to stroke it, or to see the look on her face. I don’t think I had ever brought someone such pleasure in my life.Another stream of clear pre oozed from her tip and rolled over my fingers. I used it like lotion and kept rubbing her dick.“Oh, my God,” Helen put her hands over her head and arched her back. "Yesss..." she whined.I watched the pre surge from her hole again. I wanted to taste it. I moved closer to her, straddling her leg. I reached forward and slid a finger through the drop at her tip. I lifted it to my nose. I mean, what kind of pre did she have? Was it like mine? It looked like it. With one hand stroking Helen’s length, I wiped the finger across my tongue. The taste was sweet, almost like honey and it had a slippery texture, just for a second and then it was gone. “More,” Helen reached over, took me by the wrist, and brought my other hand to her throbbing dick. “Don't stop,” she moaned as I ran the palm of my hand over her spongy tip.I looked down at what I was doing and then back at my wife’s face. It didn’t seem possible. How could she have a cock like this? And what else was happening to her?She was different, even though I really couldn’t put my finger on it. She seemed stronger, leaner maybe, like she had been working out and I hadn’t noticed it before. Her breasts looked larger too. I thought of how many times Helen had given me a hand job, how she had stroked me, her grip and how she concentrated on exactly what I liked. I glanced back at Helen's face. She was lost in ecstasy. I kept moving my hands sliding them up and down. All I wanted was to please her.“Fuck, Lucas. Oh!” She looked at me with mad, crazy eyes. “Don’t stop.” She moved her hips in rhythm with my hands. “Oh, that feels so good!” She threw her head back and her cock jerked another stream of precum.I kept moving, sliding my hands along her skin. Then I wondered what it would be like to be fucked in the ass. I wiped my palm through the clear liquid and lathered her pole as she fucked my hands. And then she froze. She took a breath and I saw it catch in her throat. Her eyes closed and her jaw clenched.I looked down just as her whole body trembled and the first bolt of cum surged into the air. “Oh!” her eyes opened. "Oh fuck!" Her fingers dug into the blankets like she was holding on for dear life. Every muscle in her body flexed at once. I aimed her cock at my face like it was a fire hose. I don’t know why. It was selfish, but I wanted to feel her hot, sticky bliss, I wanted to be covered in her pleasure. Another stream splattered across my open shirt. The liquid was warm and there was a sweetness to the smell. And I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe how much she came, but I was lost in the moment. I watched her face as she came, every sticky rope was accompanied by a moan and a look of excruciating pleasure. I wanted it. I wanted her to never stop. “Yes,” I whispered as I ran my hands through the goo and continued to milk her cock, “give it to me.”She moaned and threw her head back. “Fuck!” Another torrent of cum sprayed across my neck. My cock ached to be touched and I saw a huge dark spot in the fabric where it was pressed, but there was no time to think about my own orgasm. Helen was in the middle of hers. My hands squeezed and tugged. Helen writhed. Cum covered my shirt and pants. When it was over, she leaned forward and kissed me like I had been gone for weeks. Our tongues moved back and forth into each other’s mouths. The soft pillows of her breasts were pressed against my hand. And her cock was still throbbing and jerking. I leaned down and ran my tongue along the nape of her neck. I let go of her penis and squeezed her breasts together. I ran her nipples across my open chest and the mess she had made.And that’s when I saw it for the first time, the shimmer. It was just for a second, maybe two, and it was faint, like faint enough that I wasn’t sure it was real. I mean, it could have just been a trick of the light and we were both so high on what was happening. But I am sure that was the first time I noticed it, there was just a hint of blue along her shoulder, like a henna tattoo that’s almost gone, but blue and in some strange pattern. But it was so faint, I didn’t think I saw it. We kissed again. And it took everything I had not to lower my head down on her cock. It was so close, and I wanted to so bad. But I didn’t. I didn’t know how comfortable she was and besides she had just let go. Then I thought of her pussy, the glistening slit below her still rigid tissue. “Here,” Helen reached into my pants and wrapped her hands around my cock. “It’s your turn,” she bit my earlobe.I did. No sooner had she gotten her fingers around my dick and I was spraying my ecstasy into the waistline of my khaki’s. I couldn’t help it. I don’t know that I had ever been more turned on then I was right then. The entire experience had edged me for almost an hour. I was fuck drunk. We kissed and fondled each other for another few minutes before I got up, got undressed, and got a damp towel for the both of us. After I got back into bed, we kind of both decided that it was time to talk. “Are you still afraid?” I started. We were lying on our sides face to face. “No, for some reason I’m not.” Helen’s cock had disappeared a few minutes after I had cum, it had simply slowly deflated and returned to a normal clit, little, and hooded in the shroud of skin. “Are you? I mean, you have to tell me what you’re thinking.” She tilted her head. “I’m serious.”It was her teacher face and I almost laughed. “Are you kidding me? I mean, Helen,” I reached over and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. “I kind of got excited the first time it happened.” I felt myself blush. Why was it so embarrassing, why did I hesitate to say it?Helen looked at me for a second like she wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth or not. “What do you mean?”I swallowed. This was it. This was the moment where I told my wife that I was excited about the fact she suddenly had a penis. I took a breath and braced myself. “I mean, when it first happened, I thought: Oh, that’s interesting.” Interesting wasn’t the right word and I immediately regretted it.“You mean…” she stopped herself like she wasn’t sure she wanted to finish the question. “I mean, you aren’t, like, worried?”“Worried?” It was an honest question. I wasn’t worried in the least that my wife had a twelve inch dick that was a solid three or four inches in diameter. I wasn’t worried at all. I don’t know exactly why I wasn’t but the fact was - I was excited about it. But how do you say that without sounding crazy, right? “I mean, I would like to know what’s going on, but if that’s the way...I mean, if you are going to have a…” I didn’t know what to call it. I hadn’t thought about it – did she think of it as something different? What did she call it in her mind?“A cock?”I liked the hardness of the word when she said it. My own began to plump. Cock.“Yeah,” I tried to smile but it felt crooked, “you know what I mean. I love you and if you have a cock that’s great, right?” I tried not to sound nervous, but I was terrified. I felt like I was walking on ice as thin as paper and that everything was going to break in the next sentence or two. Helen took a second. She just sort of stared into my eyes like she was running over her response, making sure it was exactly what she wanted to say. “Are you saying you like it?” Her voice was monotone and I couldn’t tell what she wanted. Did she want me to be excited or did she want me to be weirded out? Which one was going to make her happy? I knew where I stood. But could I tell her?“Yes,” I looked down between us. Her breasts were half-covered by the blanket, the cleavage between them was dark and inviting. I thought of the way her penis could lay between them, how she could titty fuck herself anytime she wanted. And then I realized that she hadn’t said anything and I looked back up at her eyes. “It’s so strange,” she sighed, “it’s like I don’t know how to feel about it, like there’s a part of me that likes it.” She looked down at mine and smiled. “I kind of always wondered what it would be like, and I only seem to have it when it’s really, really,” she paused and grinned, “enjoyable? Is that the word I want?”I leaned against her. What was happening to us? How wonderful was this going to be?“I mean, part of me wants it. Part of me really wants it, but that part is like a new part of me. Like a part of my personality that I didn’t know I had. I don’t really understand it. I just know that when it wants, I can’t seem to ignore it. I give it what it wants?” She looked at me and shrugged. “Does any of that make any sense to you?” I laid my hand over hers. “I think it does. The penis can’t be the only change, right? There have to be some other physiological changes. It ejaculates like a regular penis, but you don’t have the right…equipment.” I was struggling but I did remember a fair amount about my junk from science class.She scooted closer and I felt her nipple against my arm. It was hard and a little shiver went through me. I was so glad it was Friday. I had a feeling it was going to be a late night.I kissed her softly. “I’m with you no matter what.”“Have you found anything that makes any sense of this though?” I could tell that part of her was still curious about the science of what was happening. Even if some part of her accepted it, she still wanted an answer. She had always had a keen sense of curiosity, she liked to understand things and how they worked.“No,” I scooted back a bit on the bed and looked her over. She was so beautiful. Her long legs and perfect thighs. “You?”“No,” she shook her head and kind of stared up at the ceiling. “What if it’s one of the myths, like one of those stupid legends we keep stumbling over?” She looked at me seriously. “Like the stories with magic and goddesses and stuff?” It was all either of us had found, a million websites devoted to futanari and transgender. I had spent hours on them, flipping through the main galleries of hentai and futa, reading the stories posted across the internet. “What other explanation is there?” I couldn’t believe she was serious. She was a professor, a natural skeptic. She didn’t believe in anything but art and science. And now she was talking about what if there was magic? But she was right. There wasn’t a medical journal article ever written that described what was happening to Helen. Trust me, I had spent hours searching.“I mean, we find new things all the time, right? And the Eastern religions and mythology, there has to be some validity to those legends, right?”“I know what it sounds like, but I kind of just want a reason. I want to understand it, even if it’s magic. I don’t care, I just want to know.”“Magic,” I chuckled, “That’s exactly what that thing is,” I looked under the blankets, “magic.”Helen threw the covers back and rolled on top of me. “Give me another hand job,” she pressed her lips against mine and I felt her cock twitch to life. *** I think it was Sunday morning, early. I woke up and felt Helen’s cock against the small of my back. It wasn’t fully erect, it was probably six or seven inches, plump but not hard. We were curled up in bed, her arm draped over me, her breath at the back of my neck. I laid there and quietly thought about the week. It was impossible not to, so much had changed over just a few days. I mean, when the week started, life had been normal - work, eat, and play as usual. We were just two professionals in their early thirties. But now? We had blown off all of our friends off since the adventure started. We told them that one of us wasn’t feeling well or that we had plans already. It was early, simple lies that gave us a few days to figure out what was happening and what we were going to do. But as I laid there staring off into the darkness of our room, I wondered about our life, like what was going to change?It wasn’t an easy question to guess at. I mean, Helen was changing, not just her new addition either, there was something else. We hadn’t really talked about the changes much. (Honestly, all we had done since it started was research and orgasm, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I wasn’t complaining that was for sure.) She was changing physically. It was slight, but I think we both noticed it. When her penis presented she kind of changed. She grew a little taller, a little thicker. Her breasts grew a bit and she kind of stretched-out, like her fingers seemed a little longer. It happened slowly, like you didn’t really notice it until it was over. It was strange. It felt dangerous and I loved it. But there were more changes than just to her exterior. That was one of the things Helen did talk about. She was careful when she described it. She liked to think of it as a part of her that she had always repressed because it kind of scared her. She liked to be a little dominant. She liked to be strong. I noticed it when we fucked. Especially when she would let me fuck her. I would take her from behind, grabbing her hips and thrusting. And she would get rough. She wanted me to take her wrists, to pull her backwards and fuck her as hard as I could. Her mammoth cock would bounce and slap against her chest, oozing a steady stream of pre. But I could tell it wasn’t enough. No matter what I did, how I fucked her, I could tell it was less than she wanted. When we talked, she said she loved it, the way she felt. I did too. It was fun to have a new side of Helen, especially when we were all sex-crazed. I looked at the clock, it was 2:30. I shifted a little to get more comfortable and Helen slipped her hand around my pectoral and squeezed, I couldn’t tell if she was awake or not but her dick was still hard and touching my back.And then she shifted her body, pulled herself closer to me, and dropped her hips so that her dick was sitting right on top of my ass, lengthwise along the valley of my ass. I froze. Whether she was awake or not, I kind of wanted her to do it. I knew everything about the situation was wrong. I knew the mechanics of such a thing would be painful, but I wanted it. I wanted her to do it, right then. I wanted to skip the part where I told her what I was thinking, and instead,色婷婷亚洲婷婷七月中文字幕 just arch my back and milk her ten inches of rock hard dick.Then she pulled away and rolled over.I froze. The moment was over. My cock was throbbing. It wasn’t the first time I had thought about her cock and my ass meeting. It wasn’t my first thought when she suddenly grew a penis, but it was in the first few. First I wanted to touch it, then I wanted to taste it. But by Sunday morning, I had thought about what it would be like. It seemed like a natural progression. I loved her cock. I loved the way it looked and felt, I loved the way she tasted, but I loved nothing better than pleasing her. And, although the moment had passed that evening, I had a feeling there would be other evenings.I closed my eyes and wondered what it would be like, what it would feel like to have her push into me. I had no idea. I had never played with my asshole before, it had never crossed my mind. But now? Now it seemed like the next step, right? A natural progression. And then Helen rolled back over. Within a breath her body had conformed to my shape, except she reached down between our bodies. She shifted her hips and pulled back a few inches. I waited, unsure of what she was doing.Then she pushed forward. Her cockhead slipped between my ass cheeks. I wasn’t ready for the feeling, it tickled and surprised me. I moved away but her hand held onto my hip and she tried to re-position herself.I pulled away and turned over to look at her. Her eyes were closed. She was still asleep, her cock half-erect in her hand. “Helen,” I whispered, not convinced.She moaned softly and then opened her eyes. “Hey,” she smiled in the darkness.“Hey, leave my ass alone,” I smiled.Helen’s eyes went wide with surprise. “What?” She looked down to where she was holding her erection. “Oh, my God, what happened?” She let go of her dick and sat up. I watched her, conflicted. Now I felt guilty. This was not going to help my case later. You know, where I tried to explain to her that I did want her to try and fuck me. Just not right now, not this second. But the look on her face wasn’t surprise. I could see the lie in her eyes. She knew what she was doing. It was almost like it wasn’t Helen or, at least, the Helen I was used to. This was the new Helen. I liked it, the confidence and strength, but it also scared me because I didn’t know it well. Could I trust it? Was it still mostly the Helen I loved or someone else? “You, um, made a play for my ass,” I explained.“Well,” she looked down at my erection, “how do you feel about that?” Her cock was just slightly bigger than mine and pointing at me.“I...uh.” I hadn’t expected the question and I wasn’t sure she was serious. “I mean, I’ve thought about it, but…”“Oh you have?” She bit her lower lip in that sexy way that every man likes.“I mean, well, you know, yeah, it’s crossed my mind.” I looked down a little embarrassed. Why could I still not say it? “But I don’t think I’m ready.” I thought about the fact that I knew next to nothing about my own ass.She grinned. “Let’s find out,” she wrapped her long fingers around the base of her cock. “Back up.”My heart beat against my chest like I had just run a 5k. “I think I need to, you know, prepare, practice…”“Nonsense, come here. I’ll be gentle.” The look in her eyes was playful.“No,” I swatted at her hands, “soon.”I scooted away and opened my eyes. It was a dream. Helen was still on the other side of the bed. It had just been a dream. I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed or relieved. The next morning, Monday, when I woke up, Helen was standing at the end of the bed digging through her dresser drawers. “Good morning,” I stretched and stared at her ass and the curves of her body. She turned and smiled at me sans penis. “Morning, baby.” “I had a crazy dream.” I chuckled.“Yeah?” she whispered like there was someone else in the room that might hear us. “Was I in it?”“Obviously.” I thought back to the dream and the way it had felt when she had pushed against me.“Was I mean?” She was serious. “What do you mean?” “I mean, I don’t understand what’s happening.” She shook her head a little. “I know that sounds crazy.”“No, it’s fine.” I got up from the bed, my morning wood springing up proudly. “I think its part of whatever is happening to you.”“I know but I can’t control it,” all the playfulness was gone from her voice and her face was serious. “Sometimes I feel like I’m a different person.”I sat on the edge of the bed and cleared the sleep from my eyes. “But it’s not a bad thing, right?” It was all a jumble inside. I couldn’t imagine how scary all of it must have been for her.“That’s just it, I don’t know.” She sat down beside me and I saw the worry in her eyes. “I don’t understand what’s happening and when it’s here,” she looked down between her legs. “I can’t seem to control myself.”I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. She leaned her head against my shoulder. “Everything is going to be ok,” I kissed her head. *** When I opened my eyes on Tuesday, I knew something was different. I felt lighter, like I was a little floaty. It was weird. I sat up half-expecting my stomach to flip, but it didn’t. I wasn’t nauseated, I just felt lighter, like I was either dramatically stronger, which didn’t look to be the case, or I had lost a few pounds.I stood up. Everything seemed to work. Nothing was sore, nothing looked bruised. I rubbed my eyes. The last few days had been so strange, maybe it was all in my imagination. I mean, there was nothing visibly wrong with me.I walked down to the kitchen all bleary-eyed and exhausted. Next to the coffee maker were two coffee cups set out on the counter so I would notice them. One was empty and one hada note in front of it.I grabbed the little slip of paper and opened it. After last night’s fun, I thought you might enjoy this with your breakfast. I thought about the night before, the way I had finally sucked her cock past my gag reflex. I had almost gotten my nose to the smooth skin of her belly. She was so deep. Sliding in and out before she let go and blasted her load down my throat, across my face and her breasts. I picked up the coffee cup. The liquid inside was opaque and there was the slightest change in density throughout. I smiled. It was her bliss, she must have jacked off before she left. I was sorry I had missed it. I was addicted to the stuff. I dipped my finger into the warm liquid and slipped it into my mouth. The honey-textured sweetness coated my tongue. My cock immediately began to stiffen. I dipped another finger and brought it to my lips. An involuntary moan escaped me. I was like a starving man. I closed my eyes remembering how her cock felt in my mouth. How I had put one hand on the bottom of her cock, sucking hard, going up and down, using my tongue everywhere. How my other hand had slid three fingers into her dripping hole, forcing her further into my mouth, making her fuck my face harder and faster. How I had brought her to the knife’s edge and then backed way off – just flipping my tongue through the pre at the tip of his dick until she calmed down. I reached down and slowly ran a hand over my glans. The last week had been a sexual tornado and I had been swept up into it happily. I mean, it was almost impossible to believe. Nothing as exciting or interesting had ever happened to me before. I dipped another finger in my wife’s spunk and thought back over it all, her penis appearing, the first blowjob I had ever given, and how I was pretty sure she was going to fuck me – at some point. I had already started research on the subject. Although even that proved to be daunting at times. (Is it still called pegging even when your wife has an actual penis?)Yes, I had been doing all kinds of reading and research during the day. Not only was I searching for exactly what had happened to Helen to start all of this, but I was also interested in a number of homosexual aspects that our relationship would now include. For instance, I had been learning how to prepare my ass for Helen’s attention. Of course, I hadn’t mentioned any of my research to her. I kept that part a secret and came up with all kinds of justifications for doing so.Helen hadn’t mentioned an specific intention to fuck me. I’m not sure the thought had ever crossed her mind before Sunday night. I, on the other hand, had thought of little else. I mean, the morning after her cock made its first appearance, I had already considered the possibility.I swirled my finger through her nectar again and imagined her stroking herself into the cup while I slept, standing in the kitchen gripping her twelve inches. What was she thinking about? Me? My hand worked up and down my own length and I lifted the cup to my lips. It smelled like honey. I took a long swallow, swirling the goo across my tongue before swallowing it down. God, it was so warm and sweet. Why wasn’t my own cum sweet? I put the glass down and took a deep breath. It was just like it had been the night before. Helen’s cum affected me like alcohol. I felt like I had just downed two beers. I was buzzed, a little light-headed, my face stuck in a grin. I felt great.I drank a cup of coffee while I stood there fantasizing about Helen bending me over the kitchen table. Then I wandered off to the bathroom. I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to have Helen behind me. I stepped into the bathroom, closed the door, and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. That was the first time I saw it. The very first time I wondered, even if only for a moment, if magic wasn’t real. It was weird. For a split second, I thought I saw something glow along the mirror, right on the reflection, something light blue. It was just for a second, a flash, and it was gone. I couldn’t tell if the strange light was on them mirror on if had been on me. I looked myself over, but there was nothing. I looked back into the mirror. Maybe it was just a side effect of Helen’s condition.But then I kind of got caught up in the reflection, the young man staring back at me. I was looking pretty good, if I did say so myself. I flexed my arms and watched the muscles bulge. I changed the pose and noticed that I was lithe, like I was a cat, a tiger or a cheetah. Now, don’t get me wrong. I worked out three times a week, I was pretty well built. Helen always thought I looked sexy without a shirt on, but this was different. This was lean, leaner than I normally was. And the thing that made it especially strange was that I felt the way I looked. I felt stronger, leaner, and lithe. I felt like a predator. After goofing off for a few more minutes in the mirror, I decided to hop in the shower. I had things to do, important things to do before Helen got home and I felt a little guilty for the self-indulgence I had just spent ten minutes on. I turned on the water and closed the curtain. The hot water felt good. I turned around and let it run down my neck and back. I closed my eyes and thought about the night before, the way her cock felt in between my ass cheeks. It had only been a dream but my head was still running with it. My eager dick immediately began to beg for attention, staring up at me like a one-eyed puppy. But I wanted something else. I turned the shower temperature down a little. I flexed my asshole. It felt good, the way every muscle down there responded in harmony, like everything was connected. I wanted something in it. I wanted to feel what she was going to feel like. I was curious.About an hour later, my skin wrinkled from the water, I picked myself up off the shower floor. I had cum twice. By the end I had three fingers in my ass, further than I ever thought possible and nothing had ever felt so good. I got to the shop by just around lunch. There was a wet spot at the top of my pants, but my t-shirt hid it. My precum had gushed the entire drive. I was so excited. I don’t know what it was really. Was it the fact that it was a surprise/secret for Helen? Was it the fact that I had never, in fact, been to a sex shop before? Or maybe it was just the fact that I had liked the way it felt in the shower. I had liked it a lot. And anything that would help me get Helen inside me - I was all in.The girl behind the counter was in her late twenties. She had long earrings that touched her shoulders which in turn made her head look disproportionately close to her chest. She had on an old t-shirt, a band or cartoon that I didn’t recognize. I became terribly embarrassed not because of the t-shirt but because I didn’t know how to discuss sexual things with a stranger. I walked around the place trying to look as casual as I thought you were supposed to. It was in fact lunch time on a weekday so there wasn’t even anyone to watch me being an idiot. The girl behind the counter kind of sighed the third time that I glanced over at her. She tucked a loose strand of what appeared to be a single dreadlock behind her ear. “Hey,” her tone was authoritative, brusque even. “Come here. What are you looking for?” I froze. I didn’t know what to do, but I was pretty sure the feeling I was having was flee! And for a split second, I almost went that way, but instead, I realized what she was doing. She was helping me. We were alone. This was direct. Efficient. We were adults. “Butt plug,” I said the word, alone. I just kind of threw it out there. “First time?” She raised her eyebrow but that was her only expression and we still hadn’t made eye contact. I mean, she was always looking at something else, a shelf, one of the many monitors positioned around the store to make sure no one stole anything.“Yes, please. My, uh, partner’s dong is huge.” I couldn’t believe how hard it was to say that sentence. She walked over to me and then stepped into the aisle next to where I was. “You want to start here.” She waited until I caught up and then pointed.The thing was small and exactly like the ones I had seen online. I grabbed it and then realized that it was barely a finger and a half wide.The young lady with the dark hair and a single dreadlock made a sound I didn’t recognize. “Then this one,” she grabbed an identically-shaped plug but larger. It was closer to three, slender fingers. I glanced back at the shelf.“Are you serious?” She looked me in the eye for the third time since I had come in the door.“Yes,” I thought of Helen’s twelve inches. It was ridiculous. But I wanted it. I wanted it to spread me wide. I wanted to see the pleasure on her face when she came. Oh, my god, I was so excited to find out what that would feel like!“Then this one, but Jesus, take it slow, ok?” There was genuine concern in the young woman’s voice. When I got home it was after two. I went straight to the bathroom. No, I disappeared into the bathroom for twenty minutes, stuck that first plug in my ass, jerked off two more times, and then got into some jeans to garden.It was the joy of working from home. Helen wandered off for a regimental day, but I could do pretty much whatever I wanted. It wasn’t a bad gig, and two days before Helen presented. I had just closed out a final payment on a multi-building office park. So, Monday was gardening in the back yard. I had a trellis of roses that needed a fair amount of attention and it was a perfect day - cloudy, in the high sixties, and barely a breeze. And I had my first butt plug in, which meant I was as hard as a rock. I was careful with the roses. I had been training them for two years, gently guiding them around the trellis’ posts and over the delicate arch. I had to readjust my aching boner more than I thought possible. It was incredible, the way the plug stretched me, and reached into me, and touched my prostate every once in a while. I was in heaven. I wondered when Helen would be home. I debated back and forth whether or not I was going to tell her. It felt so naughty keeping a secret but I loved it. But in the end I couldn’t decide. So, then I began to imagine it. I tried to guess when it would happen. Would it be like the night before? Would I wake up just as she was getting hard? Or would it be earlier? I mean, we had already kind of talked about it. Would it happen after dinner? It was the other thing that I kind of liked about the new Helen, she became dominant when her dick was around. She was stronger, more demanding and aggressive. I loved it. The new side of her made me happy, a new aspect to us.When she came home she was already turned on. Her clit had not gone through its magnificent transformation, but she was hot. I had a feeling she would be, especially if I was just in my jeans when she got home. It was one of her favorite looks on me.Within five minutes though, I was on my knees, her cock in my mouth while I arched my back and adjusted my hips to put my butt plug against my prostate. It didn’t take her long to cum. I had her just deep in my throat, as far as my jaws would allow. Her hands were on the back of my head and her hips were working in and out. I moaned as my own dick spasmed and darkened a circle along near the waist of my jeans. And then I felt it spraying down my throat. I swallowed and Helen groaned and pressed deeper. My jaw ached but I didn’t care. I wore the plug through dinner. Helen was pretty quiet while we ate. She said that Robert had gotten in trouble with some girl, Mika. Something like harassment. She didn’t think it was going to be a huge deal, but she said it was concerning.I asked her why she was so quiet and she smiled. “I think I’m a little tired,” she glanced up at my hair where it was still wet from her cum.“Makes sense,” I finished off my plate and took a long sip of wine.“What did you do all day?” She took a bite.I thought of the coffee cup. God, I was like a cumaholic. How much could I ingest in one day? “After breakfast?” I slowly drug my eyes across her body. She was so hot. The past week had changed her and she had been beautiful before. Now though? She was something else. I leaned across the table and kissed her. “That girl Mika though,” Helen said. “She’s trouble. I mean, I can’t believe she went after a professor like that.”It caught me off guard and I sat back down at the table. “That’s the girl’s name that filed the claim thing?” Helen looked like I had just snapped her out of some hypnotic state. “What?” She asked.“You alright?” I didn’t understand what was happening. “Yeah,” she shook her head. “I think I need to get some sleep.” She put her napkin on her plate and stood up. I followed her up to the bedroom. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed. I mean, I had enjoyed the coffee cup present and the opportunity to give her head the minute she walked in the door, but I had been hoping the evening was just getting started.I walked her into the bedroom and she started to get undressed. She unbuttoned her top and threw it over by the closet. Then she unclipped her bra and tossed it in the same direction. “Are you going to cuddle with me for a little while?”I looked down at her tits. Helen’s tits were one of her best features before her new body, but now? Now they were like rockets, missiles ready to launch off and they were huge, a full handful more than a week before. “Yeah,” I unbuttoned my jeans and lifted my leg to take them off. I remembered the plug or, rather, the plug gently reminded me where it was. A little shiver went through me and I felt my penis react. “Are you alright?” Helen walked over to me and put her arms around my neck, her breasts against my bare chest.My penis rose against her thighs and then I felt hers push against mine. “Oh?”Helen grinned. “Maybe once before I go to sleep?” She reached around me and grabbed my ass and her finger touched the edge of the plug. She pulled away from me, just a couple of inches while her fingers explored the edge of my secret. I bit my lower lip. This was not how I had planned this to go. “Lucas? What is?”“Butt plug,” the word had served me well earlier and I hadn’t even owned one yet.“Oh my god, are you serious?” Her cock continued to grow. It was already longer than mine.“I turned and around and bent over slightly before I wiggled my ass. “You like it?”Helen reached out a hand and slowly pulled it halfway out and then slipped it back in. A shiver ran through my entire body. And then she pulled it out and completely. I looked over my shoulder and she grinned. “Are you sure?” I spread my thighs. I had never been so sure about anything in my life. My cock was throbbing, jerking up and down at the thought of her filling me.She put a hand on my hip and lined herself up. I tried to relax. I took a breath and concentrated. And then she was pressing into me. Her cockhead was wide and smooth and I could feel my sphincter surround it. The details are not important. Needless to say, there were a few false starts, places where Helen had to stop, but she was so patient. It took some work. I hadn’t planned on the pain, but eventually, Helen had more than half of her length in me. I felt full. I was panting and trying to relax. And as Helen gave me time to adjust, she intertwined her fingers with mine. She stretched my arms over my head and covered me. Her body felt so good. Her cock so thrilling. It was the most intimate moment I had ever felt.“I love you,” I said.“I love you too,” Helen whispered.Helen started slowly sliding in and out of me. Her body was still draped over me, covering me from head to toe, and a thin sheen of sweat spread between us. “You feel so good,” Helen panted softly in my ear. “I’m going to cum.”I reached up and pinched my own nipple. The pain slashed through me. “I’m close,” a large drop of clear precum oozed onto the blanket. “I’m going to cum inside you,” Helen leaned back a little as her hips moved faster.I could feel every vein, every inch and curve of her as she pushed and pulled. And then she did it. She pushed into me as deeply as she could. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I could feel her cum gushing inside of me. She reached around and squeezed my penis. That was all it took. She moaned as I clamped down around her and shot my load onto the blankets. ***Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the story. This story was lifted from the series: Little Monster on Amazon. If you would like to see how all of this began and what happens next, check it out - it is current on chapter 17!



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